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  • I have been getting my hair cut by Lori for over 15 years. She was referred to me by my grandmother who used to get her hair done by a co-worker of Lori's. She felt that Lori and I would be a great fit. For my first appointment with Lori I arrived with photo in hand of how I wanted my hair cut and styled. It was going to be very different from any style I had ever had before and I was a little anxious. We worked through the process cutting and cutting more to make it look right on me. I was very happy and satisfied. We have been together since, through gray hair, color changes, highlights and more hair styles. I have always been very happy with the results. I have since moved out of Los Angeles and for over 10 years I have been traveling 2 hours from San Diego County up to LA to get my hair taken care of by Lori. I just don't want to even look for anyone local to take care of my hair. When you find the best why mess with the rest. Shannon Buder

    - Shannon Buder

  • I have been looking for a Hairdresser for many years that will listen to me and not just do what they want, I have had some really bad experience’s so it is not easy for me to trust.  I started out by looking at other women’s haircuts and just this past February 2013 I was working out at Curves Marina Del Rey and in walks a woman with this great haircut and color of course I asked her who she went to, she said I have a great lady named Lori and I always love my cuts and color she listens and always does a great job, I took down the number and still waited a few months to make up my mind I wanted to watch this women to see if in fact her stayed looking wonderful sure enough her hair kept getting even better so I decided to make an appointment with Lori At HeadQuarters in Los Angeles I called, got a time that was good for me, and from the 1st call I got a warm feeling from Lori. My appt. was not for a couple of weeks and in the meantime I was driving and at a stop sign I saw a women walking her dog I stopped her asked who cuts your hair sure enough she said Lori at HeadQuarters I was so excited what are the odds to run into two women that both have beautiful haircuts and both go to Lori.  So I went in to see Lori and from the minute I sat down in her chair I felt comfortable and relaxed she took time asking me what I really wanted I told her I was not sure but that I didn’t want my hair real short again. She cut it so well and I was thrilled when she was done it is so cute I am getting compliments from people saying it is such a good look on me and I love it, I feel 10 years younger Lori just has a knack for style and she is so nice in fact everyone in the shop is friendly. I will go back and I am looking forward to her coloring and cutting my hair in the future.

    - Nancy Pecot